Summer Retreat Program

The summer retreat program includes a series of workshops, counseling sessions, social skills, self-esteem enhancing and problem-solving exercises, as well as recreational team building activities, with a closeout awards ceremony at the end of the summer. This program is held in conjunction with the Summer Workforce Development program and consists of six one-week retreat sessions throughout the summer. 

Job Training Program

This program prepares our teenage participants to obtain and maintain employment. YLOT partners with companies who serve as job placement sites for internships and also provide job readiness skills and community service placements that will allow participants to gain practical work experience while returning services to the community.

Therapeutic Recreation

YLOT understands that wholesome activities can be an essential piece in the restoration, remediation, and rehabilitation of girls with depression, stress, anxiety, low confidence, poor socialization, and high dependency. Our therapeutic recreation program alleviates these issues through arts and crafts, sports, dance, drama, music, community outings, cultural awareness, and other activities.

Attitude Adjustment Series

A program that helps pre-adolescent participants recognize, address, and change negative behaviors that increase the likelihood of their entering the juvenile justice system. This series addresses why female gangs are a strong focus on female relationships. Through the attitude adjustment/gang intervention series, participants learn how to incorporate life skills and behaviors necessary to remain outside of the juvenile justice system. 


This program features a series of workshops and activities intended to introduce participants to the formal requirements governing behavior in polite society, workplace etiquette, everyday manners.

After School Program

Life skills-based education is now recognized as a methodology to address a variety of issues of child and youth development. In our program, particular emphasis is placed on those skills that relate to critical thinking and problem solving, self-management and communication, and interpersonal skills.  

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