YLOT fosters a community of empowerment and support for its girls to learn the essence of what it means to be a strong, confident young woman. Through the teachings and mentoring of our trained social workers and professionals, our girls are challenged to increase their self-awareness and develop mentally and emotionally. 

Since 1993, Young Ladies of Tomorrow, Inc. (YLOT) has demonstrated a passion for addressing the crucial developmental needs of young, at-risk urban females. We focus solely on girls-predominantly referred through the juvenile justice system, and bridge this critical gap by providing gender-specific, creative, relevant, and customized programs and services to young ladies. 

YLOT offers counseling, therapeutic recreation, job training, mentorship, and other services/opportunities for its participants. When a girl comes to YLOT, our first objective is to identify the root of her “issue.”

Through relevant, creative, and personalized potential solutions, YLOT helps each participant work through prior emotional and/or physical abuse, intimacy with street life, teen pregnancy, addiction, or poor self-esteem. YLOT seeks to reduce recidivism, detention rates, and the number of program participants receiving referrals for service in the juvenile justice system.

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United Way: 9578 

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