Young Ladies of Tomorrow Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - CFC #97633
Young Ladies of Tomorrow

  • New Opportunities
    By attending various events and camps throughout the year, our young ladies get hands-on exposure to many different activities.
  • Accomplishments
    We empower our young ladies and let them know that anything is possible.
  • Volunteering
    Every year our young ladies partake in various events by volunteering and giving back to the community around them.
  • Fun & Engaging
    Being part of YLOT is about learning and having fun and engaging at the same time.
  • Teamwork
    Communicating effectively and learning how to work together are essential skills to help our young ladies strive for a bright future.


We challenge our young ladies through trainings to help them set achievable career goals that will encourage self-sufficient futures.


We offer day suspension and after school programs to give our young ladies the support they need in order to thrive and succeed academically.


We encourage relationship building to help our girls maintain stable relationships with others who may benefit from their knowledge.


We work with each young lady to develop their skills to strive for success and become a positive and contributing part of society.

The YLOT Process
When a young lady comes to YLOT, our first objective is to identify the root of her “issue.” Through relevant, creative, and personalized solutions, we help our participants work through prior emotional and/or physical abuse, intimacy with street life, teen pregnancy, addiction, and low self-esteem. YLOT seeks to reduce recidivism, detention rates, and the number of program participants receiving referrals for service in the juvenile justice system.

Ever since our founding in 1993, YLOT has worked with pre-adolescent and teenage girls (ages 9 to 17) who have become involved in the juvenile justice system. In hopes of redirecting their course toward meaningful and productive futures, we offer counseling, therapeutic recreation, job training, mentorship, and other services and opportunities for our participants.

Let's Make A Difference!

Together we can help shape the future of young ladies in the District of Columbia. The choices these ladies make can begin with you. When they thrive, so do we as a society.

We just launched our new website!

We are so excited to be announcing our new website! What do you think? Please visit us often because you will see new updates being made to this space on a weekly basis. We will be posting on: Juvenile justice What our young ladies are up to Upcoming events Volunteering opportunities News affecting our community Are we missing anything else? Let us know what you’d like to see and hear about!
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From Our Young Ladies of Tomorrow

  • With out this program I would have no where to go or anything to do, the staff takes time with me and give me a lot of attention that I need with a mother and father I only have my grandmother and  the staff  at Young Ladies Of Tomorrow.
    Tiffany Robinson,
  • I’ve learned that abstinence is a smart decision to remain a healthy and safe life. Our counselors are nice and very patient. I am very thankful for this program.
    Francesca J. Bryce,
  • YLOT has helped me become a bigger person, my attitude has become different. I have learned from many mistakes in my life.
    Aunjanae Rush,
  • YLOT is allowing me to be a dedicated hard working participant that I remain to be in any environment by successfully accomplishing tasks because I am always willing to work diligently.